Pull List Policy

Pull List Discounts:

  • 15% off on pull list comics
  • 15% off new comics
  • 15% off boxed back issues
  • 15% off pre-ordered Previews* items, including action figures and trades
  • Free bags and boards on pull list comics only
  • Free previews magazines (1 set per customer, available upon request).

Click the link to view the full Mythical Mountain Policy in place

Consignment Policy

We consign artwork, books, crafts, toys, and more depending on the product in question. Mythical Mountain retains 30% of any consigned products sold in store, while the vendor retains 70% of any sold product.

Layaway Policy

Customers must pay a  $25.00 down payment to qualify for layaway. Customers must make at least one payment every 30 days. No minimum monthly payment. No expiration date.

Return Policy

Toys, figures, and pops may be returned to the store within 30 days of purchase with receipt only. Comics and books are non-refundable. Exchanges can be made within24 hours of purchase on comics and books with receipt only.

Hold Policy

We can and do hold items for customers. We only hold items for customers for a one week. Customers must provide the necessary information (such as full name and contact information) before placing an item on hold. We do not hold rare comics. We also have layaway options for customers if needed.