About Us

Our “Mythical” Adventure!

As is the case with most toy and comic book stores, our store was born out of a love for toys and comics. Jamey’s love began with anything that had to do with Iron-Man. Kathy had a special place in her heart for Monster Jam trucks. From there, their collection grew larger; eventually expanding to many other types of toys and even comic books. When their collection finally managed to take over every room in their home, they realized it was time to share their beloved collection with everyone else!

Thus, Mythical Mountain was born; located on the South of I-295, and on the right in the Mandarin Square Plaza, Mythical Mountain is big on variety and unique in experience. Currently Mythical Mountain carries a wide variety of comic books, both new, back issues, and old hailing back to the Golden Age. Mythical Mountain also carries a wide variety of toys, collectors items, and of course a wall of Funko Pops. We also cater to local artists and geek crafters in the area by highlighting their work in our art gallery. Jamey and Kathy love what they do, and we hope you come to love Mythical Mountain just as much! You are sure to find something you’ll love – whether you are a collector yourself or looking for the perfect birthday gift for your child!

So come to Mythical Mountain! It’s worth the climb!

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